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EDM's main project is the 100% owned Scotia Mine and related facilities near Halifax in Nova Scotia. The Scotia Mine is currently on care and maintenance and previously produced Zinc and Lead concentrate on a relatively large scale. The processing facilities are one of largest in Nova Scotia with a demonstrated capacity of 2,700 tonnes per day. The Company, now under new Management, intends to re-start the operations as soon as possible. 

The Scotia Mine is located approximately 60 kilometres from Halifax City Centre, 33 kilometres from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport and 11 kilometres from CN's Milford Station. Distances are by paved highway roads.


For more information on the Scotia Mine, or the Company`s other projects, please click on the map below. 

EDM Projects in NS plus Other Projects - 13Apr2023.png
Audit Committee Mandate

Through its wholly owned subsidiary company, Scotia Mine Limited, EDM also holds several prospective exploration licenses nearby its Scotia Mine and in surrounding regions of Nova Scotia.

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