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Prospects Overview

  • Two highly prospective exploration targets in close proximity to our Scotia Mine (3.5 - 4.0 kilometres away)

  • Hosted within the same unit as the Scotia Mine’s Zinc & Lead deposit

  • Limited historical diamond drilling has confirmed mineralization

  • Mineral Rights covering both prospects are held by Scotia Mine Limited (subsidiary of EDM)(Exploration Licence 06268)


The Carrolls Farm and Carrolls Corner Prospects are hosted within the Gays River Formation ("GRFM") – the same paleo-carbonate reef unit hosting the Scotia and Getty Deposits at the nearby Scotia Mine. These Prospects have Mississippi Valley-Type mineralization, with zinc and lead occurring as sphalerite and galena in porous carbonates (primarily dolostone). The GRFM is underlain by metasedimentary rocks of the Meguma Supergroup, and overlain by evaporites (gypsum, anhydrite) of the Carrolls Corner Formation. 

These Prospects represent a possible southwestern extension of the economical mineralization hosted within the Getty Deposit.

Carrolls Farm-CarrollsCorner Geology.jpg

Previous Exploration Results

Previous Diamond Drilling and Reverse Circulation Drilling has confirmed the presence of zinc-lead mineralized carbonate banks at both Carrolls Corner and Carrolls Farm.


Exploration Potential

Further drilling is required to determine the extent of mineralization in both Prospect areas. Drilling should target the fore-reef area, which typically contains higher grade mineralization.

Considering the close proximity to our Scotia Mine, a Reverse-circulation drilling program of 20-30 holes is being considered by EDM.

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