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Prospects Overview

  • Untested Zinc-Lead exploration prospects located in Southern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, approximately  300 kilometres, by road, from our Scotia Mine

  • Identified by highly anomalous recent soil sampling and prospective carbonate geology

  • Very limited historical drilling in vicinity of the prospects

  • The mineral rights are held by ScoZinc Limited (Subsidiary of EDM)(Exploration Licences 09621, 09625 and 09626)

Enoc-Loch Lomond Prospects.jpg


The Loch Lomond and Enon Prospects are located within the Loch Lomond Sedimentary Basin and Glengarry Half Graben. The Prospect areas are underlain by Carboniferous-aged Windsor Group units of interbedded evaporites, clastics and carbonates within the Enon, Loch Lomond and Uist Formations. These sedimentary units onlap against a paleo-topographic granitic basement high, in a situation broadly analogous to that at the Scotia Mine.

There is the potential for this area to host one or more carbonate reef-hosted base metal deposits. The extent and degree of bedrock mineralization is not known, as no sub-surface exploration has yet been carried out.

Enon-Loch Lomond Geology.jpg

Previous Exploration Results

Since the early 1960s there has been active exploration for base metal, celestite and barite deposits in the region.  However, while there has been significant diamond drilling in the region, there has been almost none in the area immediately around the Loch Lomond and Enon Prospects. In the early 1960s floats and boulders derived from local Windsor Group carbonates bearing high-grade zinc and lead (as well as barite and celestite) were identified on the shore of Lake Uist and Loch Lomond, near the Loch Lomond Prospect.

Recent soil geochemical surveys by EDM Resources identified highly anomalous levels of zinc and lead.

Exploration Potential

EDM Resources strongly believes in the exploration potential in this area, as the targets are essentially untested by sub-surface means. The Enon Prospect, in particular, with its highly anomalous levels of zinc and lead in soils, is highly prospective. The Loch Lomond Prospect also features excellent results in a similar geological environment and is therefore also a high priority target.

A program of 10-20 reverse-circulation drill holes on both on these prospects is being considered by EDM Resources.

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